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Permaculture Workshops and Courses:

Kurt has taken the lead on all our home-grown workshops and courses. His extensive background and experience in rural and small town lifestyles, business and consulting to SMEs and almost 25 years of community developement volunteering has prepared him well for his permaculture training and teaching roles.


From the elected student representative of the Board of Govenors of the University of Guelph (1991- 92) to the founding of Community Assets and the ReUse Market (1992 -2005), or on the board of the The Guelph Community Health Center (1990 - President - 2003), Matrix Affordable Homes for the Dis-Advantaged (VP - 1996 - 2005) or the Centre for Employable Workers (CEW) and many other organizations and initiatives Kurt has always been active, deeply involved and a participatory social change activist.


With the discovery of the permaculture ethics and the opportunity to explore the opportunties and resources of MiKu Valley Farm we've both been able to build a cohesive and meaningful business and practise that finally is entirely focussed on personal and community development, strategic plannng and a mindful lifestyle. Kurt and Mich also get to plant tomatoes and pound a few nails...


Achieving his own PDC with Geoff Lawton of PRI Australia in 2014 was an unforgetable milestone and has strenghthened his commitment and resolve to try to answer the questions of: "If not I then who? If not today then when?" He continues to look ahead to alliances and partnerships throughout the permaculture universe in design, teaching and hosting with other practitioners and students for many years to come.


He is proudly, a founding member of the Permaculture Association of Canada



A dream come true...


Sept. 2008

Mich and I just happened upon the "For Sale" listing one weekend while travelling to visit family in Quebec. It took about an hour for us to fall in love with the farm. Three weeks later our offer was accepted.


180+ years young and counting.

We have yet to clarify the history of all the folks that lived here before us but we know it's been a lot of years and many families that have been able to make a good living here.





Summer 1923

We can only imagine all the hard work put into the barn that year and since. It's timber frame structure is definitely one of the reasons it's held up so well. And its so big!





Nic's Smokehouse:

We've added a few features- Nic's smokehouse design was made of pallets and salvaged pine boards. A memorable weekend of ideas and activities with our son.



More gardens in 2014.

Gardens, orchard and lots of new trees planted last year with the help of volunteers and wwoofers. Here we swaled, mulched and planted. The shapes are influenced by a natural spring that helps to water the garden.



Old coach-house gets a face lift.

The original shiplap siding was in need of some serious maintenance - instead of taking it off we planked it with more pine board and batten that we got a deal on. We can now use the coach house for a three season meeting room and/or a spring nursery for plants...




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