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As we transition into what looks to be another chapter of our lives we realize we have to evolve and re-invent our strategies and activities here at MiKu Valley. Over the last few years we have continued to down size not only our expectations, from a physical stand point at least, but also some of our material possessions. Besides being ebay re-sellers recently we've offered a number of local online auctions and thereby reminded of the power of the internet (especially in restricted travel times of Covid-19). We are determined to capture it's benefits to underwrite the next chapters of our lives. Having said that, we are increasingly falling back to early interests that were and are still very close to our hearts. Mich's first loves have always been family, animals and art. For unknown reasons Kurt was captivated by buffalo at an early age and once getting to experience them in a number of real world settings he became even more enamored of all things (North American) buffalo. These threads and paths are what we are currently revitalizing here via our website and online store.


In the middle and late '80s we shared life and experiences in Earlton, Ontario. Working at Bison du Nord and the Northern Frontier Zoo (now closed) respectively Kurt and Michelle carved out an ethos that have served them for the next three decades together. Further adventures at the Thornbury Grandview Buffalo Farm only reinforced those interests and aspirations. Finally, creating a family found them in Guelph, Ontario were their focus sharpened to careers, scholarship and community service.


Once found, MiKu Valley has afforded us the opportunity and land based resources to develop our own version of "livin' the dream". Over the years we've shared that vision with numerous family, friends and visitors, some of those are now neighbours too.


In the past, MiKu Valley has chosen to prioritize the short term development of the organization primarily towards the workshop/course/ venue strategies announced here and elsewhere.Those efforts will continue but, with a lower energy level. Many of the workshop & course elements that we offered on the farm either featured hands on project building or design by the participants.  While we typically had lots of projects on the farm - being involved and supportive of our communities was and is a foundation of our work.



Among other things, our demonstration site here represents the design and installation of an urban or suburban environment as well as larger site specific techniques (broad acre) for water catchment, distribution and hydration; earthworks; food forest, home and market gardening; large and small livestock management; and broad spectrum of energy, water and infrastructure elements that contribute to reduction of  environmental impact and futures of abundance.


We do encourage and welcome community groups or organizations such as schools, churches, services clubs, community gardens or sustainable local food initiatives and similiar local partners to talk to us about their project ideas. We may be able provide design, consulting assistance or a very motivated (often volunteer) work crew if appropriate to your needs.




Depending on your project scale and scope a sliding fee structure may be available for applicable projects. If required, we'd be pleased to lead or assemble a team of professionals from within the region to exceed your goals.  Use our contact form here to start the conversation about your project and your questions about how we might be of service.


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